Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Revival: What you can learn from a true move of God

Revival: What you can learn from a true move of God

Hind sight allows a you to look back and see what God has done in history.

Revival a true move of God, cannot be organized stated Leonard Ravenhill, in his sermon on revival lecture #1. 

He goes on..

Revival cannot be organized -- evangelism can be organized.
Revival cannot be subsidized -- evangelism can and usually it must be.
Revival cannot be advertised -- evangelism can. 

A.W. Tozer, said about revival, When revival comes it changes the moral climate of a community. 

The Brownsville Florida revival, gave us the new prophetic Movement, Closed churches across America, and the Brownsville Assembly of God church has a debt of over $11 Million dollars due to the drastic decrease in funds and attendance.

This revival left a lot of good Christians displaced in its aftermath.

The same year, two Howard Payne University students came forward during a Sunday Morning service to confess sins. This service according to the article stretch into the afternoon as others flooded the alter as well.

You can have revival that covers a church -- Spurgeon had that.
You can have a revival that covers a city.
You can have a revival that covers the whole nation -- and I am thinking in this context more than in the other contexts (though sometimes revival spreads from here to there -- like fire spreads.) -Leonard Ravenhill 

The Brownwood revival spread like wild fire to campuses across America. The theme of this revival if you could call it a theme was Repentance and Holiness.

Because of this revival the world got more Missionaries, more pastors, more churches, and more prayer warriors.

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