Sunday, January 22, 2017

Waves of Anointing: Latter Days Vision

Waves of Anointing

For over 20 years, I have been watching and meditating on the principles of “Catching every wave of anointing from today`s move of the Holy Spirit” while staying grounded in the doctrines of the Bible. I have been studying since 1991 when  God gave me an open eye vision of the end time revival (which I believe will take place very soon). 
It has been compared to Tommy Hicks end Time Vision  By Rev. Carol Haydon, of South Bend Indiana.

The video above is Dr. Larry Ollison, Pastor of Walk on The Water Faith Church in Osage Beach, MO. I ebcourage you to watch the video first before delving into waves of Anointings: A 1991 Open eyed vision   Below are images of an email that I sent almost a decade latter to a revival ministry of the vision and when the Internet was a lot younger.

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Waves of Anointing  

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