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Talk on Intercession

Talk on Intercession

Intercession is regarded by some as a ministry. By others it is just mystical and not regarded at all. There are many benefits of Intercession:
Intercession brings restoration
Intercession prepares you for revelation
Intercession destroys strongholds
Intercession develops unity
In this blog post you'll discover, the calling of intercession and how to know if you are being called into it. What intercession is with proof and a wake up shocker in talk on intercession.

 The Calling of Intercession

The art of intercession in my opinion is an awesome calling that God places on someone. From what I can tell from the scripture and reviewing many intercessors from times past and now, the calling of intercession isn’t respective of age, Nationality, gender, or even denomination.
The calling of intercession isn’t respective of occupation or ministerial callings. I believe that God calls the intercessor into intercession based on the individual and their faith in God through Jesus our Christ.

 What is Intercession

Intercession is praying for someone else on their behalf or praying for an entire family, circumstance(s), a town or city, state and Nation. Anyone can participate in intercession even if you haven’t been called to do so. 
Paul states in 1 Timothy 2:1
I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone
Well if the call of intercession is for everyone why do you call it a calling of God?
From scripture and study of men and women of God particularly in the five fold ministry and in recent years to today, there has been an unique “calling from God” on men, women, boys and girls for intercession.
The uniqueness is that the Lord through the Holy Spirit, places a burden on hearts for a particular purpose of praying through. Sometimes this could take as long as years and short as 5 minutes.
Most of the time when I am called to intercession I don’t even know what I am praying for, but it is the spirit through me that intercedes and makes intercession for us with groaning which cannot be uttered”  (speaking in other tongues).(Romans 8:26)
Recently, I have been called to pray for Christians that are being brutally persecuted in the Middle East. It’s not just ISIS|ISLE that is persecuting the body of Christ, but the entire Muslim religion if you want to call it a religion.
I have also been called to intercession regarding the “UNITY” of the body of Christ. This calling isn’t a call to immediate intercession as I mentioned earlier or like the way I received intercession back in 2012, more on this in a moment. 
The body of Christ is being deceived by our enemy (the devil) as we have for several centuries. That deception is the division of the Church. Denominational barriers need to be destroyed in this century. The Body of Christ (the Church) needs to come back into a Holy unity much like the first Church in the book of acts, if the Church is to regain her power before we leave this Earth for Heaven.

The Gathering of Intercessors 

Back in 2012, I was burdened by the Holy Spirit to intercede. The intercession was intense. I was in prayer 3 to 4 times a day and before long it was a continual intercession. I felt terror in my spirit, uncertain fear that only prayer could relieve. Then I ask God to reveal what I was praying for or against. That was when the Lord showed me that the Church was going to be persecuted in America and the  world.
I was shocked and horrified all at the same time. The Holy Spirit released me to share this revelation and to continue to intercede. So I went to Sermon Index to post the message in the forum. That is when I found that the Lord gave this message to many people there as well. Here is a posting along with a link to the actual posting on Sermon Index.
Remember this is an answer to someone on the forum.
I was unable to call in. There really was no excuse. My wife and I had to go out and we did not get back until around 10pm ct. I did however, pray for the conference and will continue to pray for it until the Lord releases me from this.
Some are saying a storm is coming. Some are saying persecution will soon be upon the church in America. The moderator of this website feels so strongly about this he is bringing together a conference on this theme.
I might add at the loss of his reputation for speaking on this unpopular topic.

Brother the Lord has told me that persecution is coming on the church in America, then soon after the World. We are right now living in the greatest "falling Away" from the church then ever before. And it is all coming to a head soon. I don't know how soon... that is up to the God.
My Lord Jesus The Christ, is getting his bride ready. Before long we will be learning a "new song" Amen.
A silent famine has placed a death grip on most of America, I am talking about the heat wave that has all but destroyed the crops, forcing farmers and cattle men to sell their cattle because they can't afford to feed them because of the low supply of hay and the high cost of feed and supplement.
All of this is upon America, because of her unbelief and great sin.And yet, God is still merciful, because his wrath has not fallen on us... yet.
Many pastors in many different faith's here in America have lost their faith in whom use to be their first love. They don't believe. And God has removed his spirit, and they don't know it.
The Church is living on scraps of spiritual food, because our good pastors are so overwhelmed with other jobs in the churches, they don't have time to pray or minister over the word like they should.
The Lord through the Holy Spirit, has a arrested me over these things and many others, since yesterday, I have been in urgent prayer for the Godly man in India, that was abducted at gun point and is being held for ransom.
I would like to let everyone whom reads this post, that I am not bragging or whining about any of the cares that I have written here and many, many others cares that the Lord has myself and many others interceding for at this time.
This topic maybe unpopular with many in the church, however, it is not with the Lord our God. Many of the cares that I have discussed I have known about and have been in urgent prayer about for over a year and so has many others.
God doesn't care about reputations of men. Do you think any of the prophets of old were popular? Was Jesus, popular? I don't think so.
All that is ask of us is to trust and obey his word, that is the only way.
I hope that you do not think that I am upset, hardly. I am joyous. There is a Holy fire, sweeping across the churches here in America, maybe even the world. Just yesterday I talk with my mother in law Carol Arvin, whom reported that she has been to 3 different churches around Laporte Indiana, this includes the South Bend area.
At each of the Churches she attended, she said that the Pastors took off their shoe's and instructed the congregation to do so as well, because they were on Holy ground. She also reported that each of the preachers preached with old fashioned Holy Ghost Fire! People were being saved, delivered and healed.
Keep this Holy Revival Fire up in prayer.
Click here to read the entire thread.

Intercession Shocker

It was this incident that lead me to believe in a special calling of intercession and I have been drawing parallels between other intercessors from the past to the present.Which I will be writing about these men and women and their calling of intercession.
Is Intercession a ministry?
I do not believe that intercession is a ministry because the gifts sent by God for men in the ministry are the  Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and teachers. However, this doesn’t mean that God doesn’t call the ministry into intercession. He does and has. I have read and listened to testimonies of ordinary people being called into intercession. I fall into the second group as many of you do as well.
I am just an ordinary person called into intercession.

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