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Subject of the Blood of Christ

The Blood Of Christ


blood-of jesus

The subject of the blood 

seems to be a little controversial and it shouldn't be. Many Christians do not know it even exists. Yet, the subject of the blood of Christ was taught throughout the centuries by our church fathers. One reason for this is that many listen to the word being preached and not studying the word for themselves.
Study to show thyself approved unto God. 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV
• Some feel that it is superstitious, non-sense.
• Some want a verse or two, maybe three to back up what I am talking about.

Evangelists that Preached the Subject of the Blood

Baptist Pastor and revivalist Charles Spurgeon preached and taught about pleading the Blood of Christ.

Charles Finney the father of modern revivalism also taught on the blood.

South African Christian writer and Pastor Andrew Murray wrote a book on the subject.

Pro baseball player and evangelist Billy Sunday preached on the blood of Christ, many a times during his evangelistic campaigns. On and on I can recite many of the old time and some modern day ministers of righteousness whom practice and preach on the blood.
The blood of Christ is such an important subject for the Church today, so much so that the book of Revelations sites that Christians overcome our adversary meaning the devil by the blood, Revelations 12:11.

Blood Covenants

The Old Testament was a covenant made by the blood of animals and the blood of man Genesis 17:1-8. The New Testament is a perfect covenant sealed with the blood of Divinity of our risen Christ own blood. Luke 23:1-56
A good place to start your study on the Blood of Christ, is in the book of Hebrews. Pay particular attention to the Levitical Priest Hood in chapter 5. You will notice and the author of Hebrew's also mentions that the old Covenant was a shadow of things to come.
I believe that everything that God gave us in the Old and New Covenants are a type and shadows of things in the spiritual realm (Heaven). Here's an example;
• the Mercy Seat that God had Mosses build is a type or shadow of what really is in Heaven. Why?
Because Jesus, when he ascended into heaven He placed his shed blood on the mercy seat which was not made by hands Heb.9:24-28. The real mercy seat is in heaven.
• After Jesus's resurrection from the tomb Mary Magdalene, saw Jesus and thought he was the gardener. she didn't reconize him as Jesus. She begged the Gardener ( Jesus Un-revealed) to tell her where he might had taken Jesus body.
Jesus, said to Mary, "Mary". She turned probably slowly to the Gardener. "Rabboni..." meaning Master. It was through this one word that Jesus revealed himself unto her.
Jesus, told Mary not to touch him for he hasn't ascended to his father yet. But go to my brothers, meaning the disciples and tell them that I ascend to my Father and to my God and your God. You can read this account in the new testament in the gospel of John Chapter 20: 11-18.
After much study and through what I call Revealed Knowledge, the Holy Spirit showed me that after the Resurrection Jesus, ascended into Heaven and placed his shed blood from the cross on the Mercy seat as the Ultimate sacrifice between God and Man.
• Hence a new blood covenant. A better covenant according to the Hebrew writer,  Hebrews 8:6
Remember studying the blood of Christ is not only biblical and relevant for today as it was in times past. It is necessary for all Christians to know about and how the subject of the blood of Christ is relevant for your life.
Chew on these golden nuggets on the subject of the blood. Study them. Pray over it. Ask for that which has been hidden to be revealed to you
When you become a covenant person (a Christian) the verse above takes on a whole new meaning. This verse gives you the formula for Victory over the devil. I like to call it "The Over-Comers Formula For Victory!"
How do you overcome the devil? You overcome by the Blood of the lamb.
Although, Revelation 12:11 is talking about the post tribulation Christians, this verse is for all born again Christians and is relevant today. When the devil comes against you in any circumstance, you just hold up your Bible and say, "This is Gods Blood covenant that Jesus Christ cut for me! All of God's power and blessing are mine according His word" His blood was shed for your salvation.

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