Saturday, January 28, 2017

10 Reasons Why You Should Study Your Bible

10 Reasons Why You Should Study Your Bible

How does studying your Bible help you?

This is a question I have been ask many times through out my Christian walk. Mostly it comes from younger and new Christians that are struggling between the life they came from and embracing their new life in Christ. Through my study of the Bible and personal walk with Christ I have come up with 10 reasons why you should study your Bible.
  1.  Bible Study: Strengthens your convictions.
  2.  Enables you to accurately handle God's Word.
  3.  Enables you to understand spiritual truth.
  4.  Gives God the opportunity to speak to you.
  5.  Helps you to know God's character, thereby enabling you to trust God for greater things.
  6.  Provides the basis for becoming Christ's disciple (John 8:31).
  7.  Enables you to understand Biblical truth in its true context.
  8.  Makes the Christian life more exciting, joyful, and full of peace.
  9.  Shows you the right things to do and prevents you from falling into sin.
  10.  Disciplines your mind and will, and equips you for every good work.
Now it is up to you to "How does studying your Bible help You?" Leave your comment below.

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